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How to make “Puss in Boots”

Monday, October 19th, 2009

tutorialimagepuss3Ever tried to cut out a furry animal in photoshop to copy paste it onto a different image and did it look like the animal has been hit by a grass mower?  Now you can keep from this sort of digital animal abuse XD. Simply follow the steps in my tutorial and keep our pets save and happy :).

In this tutorial you will learn how to re-draw the fur on animals you have masked or cut out and chopped. This tutorial also includes the use of quick-mask, more uses for the “fur redraw trick” a different way of making a shadow in grass, and many other tips and tricks.

Don’t mind you, I am still in the progress of restoring this tutorial so If it is not completed yet with all images, please check back in a day or so. Thank you!!


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