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Pictures of Anarosa her 2d Birthday

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

And here are the pictures of my sweet little baby girl (who’s not so little anymore ) her Second Birthday 🙂 Its all about the cake, the gifts and the toys she’s got 🙂 Enjoy :).

(click on the links in the text to go straight to the folder with the pictures.)


Thirsty little girl!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Its so cute how she drinks her cup that we had to make a lil video of it and ofcourse I wont keep it from my visitors. So go watch the below video starring our little baby girl Anarosa.


Pictures! (or the lack of it)

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Yes, I know I have been slacking, but I don’t have photoshop on my new laptop and  I am so used to  the speed of my new laptop that I really dont like sitting at my old destop anymore. My old desktop is now in use by my oldest daughter who is going to need one when she goes to her new school next year.

I am so proud of her! shes such a smart girl, very intelligent and creative. Ofcourse like every teenager she has her off-days but, dont we all? even when not teenager anymore? Excactly we cant be awesome all of the time :). And being her mom, i be the first one to know when somethign is up with her. Usualy ofcourse its me to blame for her mood because i had asked her to do somethign for me, or to clean up her  mess in her bedroom or I talked to her because she was late at school or forgot somethign or whatever.. So yeah its usualy me to blame  XD. And thats ok, thats what I’m mommy for :).

Now back to the topic, pictures well I will see to it that I get Photoshop installed this week and with some luck and loss of my lazyness I might start uploading and posting new pictures again. What I Can do right now is post a little video of our sweet  princess Anarosa, the youngest of the family :).

She makes me laugh all the time even when she  has been keeping me awake last few nights, every day she brings a smile to my face. I’m pretty sure she will be walking free soon, without  me holding her. We are learning her little things that are fun to do and she picks up on them really fast, like clapping her hands :).  She is sooooooo cute :).


I’m so in love!

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Yah, I am totally in love with my little babygirl! She’s 5 weeks old now and allready growing faster then I would like.

With the experience I have with my oldest, who’s 11 years old now, I know that this little bundle of joy too will grow older too quickly. I carry that experience with me everyday and try to enjoy every moment I have with her, which is basically the whole day.

I don’t mind it that she likes to fall asleep in my arms instead of her bed, sure I love to sleep longer but I don’t mind having to wake up in the middle of the night for a feeding and again early in the morning. Because she’s the most treasureable in the world to me, she and her sister, both of them are my world. If anyone would ask me what’s your biggest fear,  I would simply answer ” To loose one of my daughters”.  I wouldn’t know how to fill up that empty place in my life if somehow, someday one of them wouldn’t be there anymore…. To be honest, its a too big thing to even really think about that, so I’ll just enjoy what I have everyday and don’t think about the possibility that one day everything can be totally different.



Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Shes born! So here the story about my pregnancy ends finally 🙂

By now she’s allready almost a month old and its about time I make a post here to update you guys about what happened.

So I went to the hospital on July 27th for that check-up that the midwife wanted on me. On the way there I wasn’t really feeling too great, I felt every tiny little sandstone that the wheels of my chair touched. Anyhow, The Midwife from the hospital called us in shortly after we got there and she asked me how things where going.. I said well.. I still have no baby XD, t would be nice if she would decide to come out cause its getting painful to walk in the house even a few meters.. Sleeping is getting a problem as well. Okay she said, lets have a look.

So I sit down in her chair/bed whatever those things are called and she checked on me. She quickly told me I allready had 3 cm opening and the mouth of the womb was weakened a lot all ready so if I wanted to and if there was a labor room free then they could break the membranes today give me some hormones that would start up contractions  and I most likely would hold my baby in my arms late this night. I looked at Antonio, we didn’t expected this, that was very sudden,  but as practical as I am and with my quick mind I didn’t needed to think long. Of course I wanted that! Antonio however wasn’t so quickly convinced it be the right choice. The Midwife made a call to see if there was a room free and there was. So she reserved the room for us and then she gave us some time to discuss it together. I was convinced all ready and I told Antonio how much more convenient this was. Having all ready 3 cm opening means the contractions might start tonight anyways, so then we would be at night having to call the midwife and wait for her to come and check if I could go to the hospital. IF the hospital that’s around the corner here has no room at that moment we need to find another hospital with place AND call a cab to get there.  Then we would have the chance it be raining too or that there be complications, etc etc etc.. So to me it was as clear as could be, it was better to get it started now. After talking for a bit about it and giving Antonio some time to think it over he too agreed although he was not 100% convinced. Back to the midwife we told her that we decided to do it. So she called that we where gonna come upstairs to the delivery room and she took care of all the paperwork.

First they did do a CTG scan on me and double checked me, they took some blood, checked my heartbeat, etc etc all the works… Then arround 6 pm after Antonio had returned from picking up my little suitcase with everything in it I could need for the delivery and to spend a night at the hospital, I was ready…

The midwife broke my membranes and shortly after that I started to get hard tummies.. There wheren’t many of those, they soon turned into training contractions and not much later they started to become real contractions.. They did not even gave me the hormones yet and I wasn’t going to need them anymore..  The contractions where hurting, and a lot.. really a lot!!! I was almost going through the roof from the pain. I didn’t wanted painkillers really because I simply don’t like being drugged especially not with my little daughter still in my womb.  The nurse keept telling me to puff the contractions away n to keep breathing etc etc..  But, I couldnt any longer.. I was going to have to push.. The nurse told me I couldn’t and to keep breathing in n out.  Seriously I had to push but no one listened to me really and keept telling me no..  I told her to go get the midwife to ask for painkiller because she was in another room helping another woman at that time.. While the nurse was gone I was alone with Antonio and I feelt with my hand because I was sure I was about to give birth.  And I feelt her head! The nurse came back right when another contraction started, The nurse keept telling me to breathe  and not to push.. I told her I was going to push…  And I did.. Just a little bit because I wanted to open  it up a little more down there before I would push all the way.   The midwife came in and I told her.. I’m pushing now.. Another contraction came and the nurse told me again not to, the midwife looked while I started pushing and she said Oh yes you can push now.. O.O I allready  was LOL  My girl wasnt going to stay inside any longer and there was nothing anyone could do about it. 3 pushes later and my girl was born.

And all this happened within 1 and a half hour after they broke the membranes. Talk about a speed delivery XD. She was perfectly healthy,  her apgar score was 10/10 right away, and sooo beautiful! They wrapped her in some sheet and blanky and put a little hat on her head so she wouldnt catch a cold and gave her to me. I started to cry the moment I saw her, I was so happy to hold her finally and that she was healthy and sooo pretty! The pain, I forgot about pretty fast, she was worth all the pain I gone through!

And ofcourse, here’s her picture. Its one of the first pictures we took and she has an adorable smile on it. 🙂

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