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Frozen Shoulder

Monday, April 12th, 2021

As a result of ongoing severe stress for the past few years, I now am dealing with a frozen shoulder. Apart from a very painful experience especially in the first few months and losing the movement in my left shoulder/arm it takes a long time to recover from. The physiotherapists told me it’s going to be 2 to 3 years. the first few months are possible very painful all the while losing the movement in my arm. In the second stage, the pain will be less but still losing movement in my arm. Finally, in the third stage, I will slowly gain movement back in my arm. This is a huge setback for me. Having to focus on my arm now and still dealing with this burnout I have put my therapy for my c-PTSD on hold.

I have been cutting down my stream hours as well so I have less strain on my arm. I have picked up the crafting streams now on Saturdays instead. It’s very relaxing and I enjoy it a lot aswell.


Streaming N crafting

Friday, February 5th, 2021

A few days ago I did an unboxing stream on my twitch channel. It was the first of a live stream that’s related to my crafting. I am planning to start doing crafting streams once I have my Elgato and a new webcam.

What did I unbox? I unboxed Pergamano crafting supplies. This was my Christmas gift of 2020 from a very sweet and thoughtful man. After he learned I had lost my crafting supplies a long time ago, he realized how much this has meant to me he told me that he wanted to replace these materials and tools for me. So he sends me on a shopping-spree online (since we have a lock-down and everything is closed) and I came home with like 500 euros worth of crafting supplies!

Finally delivered after a bunch of delays due to Brexit, covid, and out of stock of certain items. So when these items finally arrived I did an unboxing stream. Now I finally can get back into my crafting again! I love this man so much! <3

Perhaps now my last post also makes more sense after you read this one if you had not understood it yet, altho there’s a lot more meaning in it than just a replacement of my crafting tools. Pergamano crafting has been so soothing and calming for me. I can make beautiful things with it and I enjoy the time spend while crafting.

I hope to see you in one of my streams someday when I’m crafting (or gaming). My stream channel is at twitch.tv/lunatearz

Hugs to all and Much love and thanks to Ali!


A Gemini Lioness

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

In the last few months, I have been focussing on my lil family, myself, and my healing. I have been focussed hard. I have worked hard and I am proud of myself.. Ofcourse there still are the bad days. They always will be there. Everyone has bad days and so will I. What has changed is that my bad days are less bad. I can contain whatever I have to deal with, triggers, anxiety disociating etc, a lot better then before.

To reach this, a certain number of changes took place in my life. I’m streaming now on Twitch my games and sometimes while wearing one of my cosplay outfits since the Comic Cons are all canceled dueto the worldwide Corona Pandemic. The success I reached so far while streaming has amazed me.

I’ve met so many great people in my stream and making new friends who actively have been supporting me personally and my stream. Especially this part has been lifting me up and accelerated my healing. Having people in my life that I form healthy relationships and friendships with is exactly what I need in my life to be able to heal further than I already have. And that is exactly what’s happening right now! I’m so grateful even tho I do realize the work I do for that myself. Allowing these people and accepting these friendships seems for a lot of people no biggie but for me its grand.

Of course, the beautiful warm weather we have here now (ugh tropical heatwave) helped as well. Yeah, I don’t like sweat dripping down my back and feeling sticky every time I move either. The sunlight though is very good for my well being.

This is where a lioness is at its best in the shades surrounded by the dry monsoon watching over her cubs while her king rules. He ensures she can do whatever she needs to. And she is grateful. She returns to him with loyalty and the treasures of her hunts. It pleases the King to see his Lioness so content.

A Lioness? But wait a minute am I not a Gemini? Oh yes, I still am very much a Gemini in heart, mind, body, and soul BUT with this Monsoon I talked about before that we are having now, a wonderful man came into my life. More than just a man, more than just a friend more than just a King. He’s the calm to my storm, the balance of my scale, the keeper of my heart. I love you Ali! <3


I’ll give you a lifetime

Saturday, August 8th, 2020
I'll give you a lifetime,
For every 5 minutes you ask.
I'll give you a lifetime,
Without trial, without task.
I'll give you a lifetime,
Under the sky so blue.
I'll give you a lifetime,
For every "and I, you".
I'll give you a lifetime,
To build to share and to love.
I'll give you a lifetime with me
Under the sun and the moon above.
D.S. 8-8-2020 9:41 pm
For Ali <3

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