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Stomach Acid Burn

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

So I’m 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant now and I’m still as sick as a dog.  Aside of that I feel acid burn in my stomach all day and night too.  So I have been looking into information that will relieve this. I have not tried all the tips that I have found and that have been given to me but I’m not desperate  enough yet XD. I’m throwing up a lot I am taking a med prescribed by my doctor on advice of my midwife. Its called “Emesafene and is helping me to keep my food in XD. Milk is not very helpfull I have noticed when you have trouble keeping your food in . So I am trying to avoid that.. Although I could be completely wrong doing so.

The things I have tried and have helped me I have written in green.

Things I have not tried yet but have been said to help I have noted down in blue.

Things to avoid eating and drinking I have marked with red.

I hope I can help some people here with the information that I have here for you.

  • What helps me a lot is Peppermint. Peppermint binds the stomach acid. Also tea with menthol is known to be effective.
  • When you lay down in bed it helps to have the head of the bed somewhat lifted up so u don’t lay completely flat.
  • Avoid eating  food that contains a lot of fat or too spicy food or simply you ate too much food. If you eat too fast it can cause acid burn as well.
  • Chewing on some oat flakes, almonds, or brown bread softens the pain and eventually can stop it.
  • I’m dutch and we have a dessert here known as “vanille vla” and which babelfish translates as Custard is supposed to bind the stomach acid too which then relieves the pain.  Just spoon it in slowly :). I’m gonna test this myself soon.
  • Avoid thinking about food it sounds weird but it really helps.
  • A knife tip of cinnamon is given as a tip as well. I have not tried this yet.
  • Ive also read somewhere that a glass raw potato juice on a sober stomach in the morning is supposed to help, again, I have not tried this myself.
  • Eat small portions  throughout the day instead of heavy meals 3 times a day. I eat about every 4 hours a little bit and it helps me a lot.
  • No smoking (perfect reason to stop in case your not pregnant right?) No alcoholic drinks, no orange juice, drink less coffee and avoid drinking  sodas with bubbles.
  • Warm milk, I have added a lil honey for the taste and here in holland they sell anis blocks, they suposed to have positive effects on stomach problems. So as soon as we bought those i try warm milk with anis.

If you have any helpful tips that can ease the pain of stomach acid burn please don’t  hesitate to leave a reply here, I be glad to add it to the list and perhaps even try it myself at the moment.


11 weeks and 2 days “Hypoglycaemie”

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Yesterday  the results of my bloodtest came in and my midwife called and told me I have to go back to the hospital because of a so called “hypoglycaemie”. That basically means that the sugar in my blood is too low. Thats the oposite of the disease thats known as sugar/diabetes thats when your sugars are too high and you have to take insuline shots to keep it stabil. Now with a too low sugar I have read that you do not have to take insuline shots but maintain a very strict diet to keep your blood sugars stabil. That diet is not so bad at all and contains just normal food but it does mean that I do have to forget about eating certain things and have to change to another product on another thing.

Now its not 100% sure yet that thats what I have, so today I go back to have more blood taken from me. I do not know yet how much I do know that they gonna take my blood two times. I am not alowed to have eaten anything so I will go first thing in the morning. This is going to be difficult for me because I feel very sick if I dont eat and then I have to throw up all the time also I need to take my medication for my stomach problems after I eat something… Anyhow, they will take my blood first thing and check that most likely right away in the lab in the hospital. then I will get some sugarwater or somethign to drink and they will take my blood again to see how my body responds to it.

I have done some research on it and looking at all the symptomes I do think its very possible that this is excactly what I have. I really hope not but we have to wait and see.  In case I indeed have a too low bloodsucker then I will bring another post with of course some links to medical pages that explains exactly what it is and what to do about it and whats gonna happen with me.

So this is going to be a little adventure for me… One that I do not look forward too. o.o; wish me luck o.o;


11 weeks pregnant

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I am excactly 11 weeks pregnant today according to the calculation done from the echo (ultrasound) that was done last week.

Im still sick all day if i don’t take my pills and still if I move around or get upset my stomach strongly starts protesting.  So I stay calm and in bed as much as possible. Today however  I went to the hospital to get my blood checked. o.o; I dont like needles… not one bit, but it needed to be done because of my pregnancy. They got 5 tubes with blood of me. I was doing fine but after that I decided to take it easy and sit down for just a few minutes at the hospital restaurant. I had a lil cup of chickensoup and after that we went home.

On the way home we stopped at the market and bought a few things I was needing. Ofcourse there where plenty of stalls. Its the Dappermarkt, the best market in Holland (and thats official). Theres many different kind of things you can buy there.. from fish to vegetables to chicken to fruit, bread, toys, clothes, make-up, tools, flowers and so much more. I didnt think of all the stalls where they sell fried food and as we passed them that smell was blown in my face and omg.. almost throw up right there on the street. I squeezed my nose and we walked quickly past it.. me constantly asking Antonio if the smell was gone yet. And still thinking about that horrible smell makes me  gag again. I cant stand the smell of oil at the moment.. other foods give me a hard time too, but oil.. that really makes me throw up. Ok I have to change subject now because my stomach is not happy by just thinking about it.

Tomorow I am going to the doc to get my urine checked because im a little worried I have  a bladder infection and I don’t want to end up in the hospital again like when I was pregnant from my daughter and never noticed the bladder infection.

My daughter currently stays at my moms and she’s having a good time there. She will be back  before new years tho to celebrate that with us. Its nice n quiet but I really miss her. Ok so far this week, next week i will bring another update about my pregnancy.

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