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Castlefest 2012

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge fan of anything fantasy, fairy, mysterious, and full of joy. So after discovering Castlefest last year, I had to come back again this year. Again it was a blast and like last year the rain  poured down hard. But only for short times!  Most of the time we had sun! The temperature was perfect aswell.

This year Antonio and Anarosa came with us too. One of us had to go by bus because we could not fit all in the car and since Antonio was the only one who was not in a costume and not driving the car, he was to go with the bus. On the way back I was supposed to go with the bus though so I took normal clothes with me in the car. My mom had made an awesome blouse to go with my velours skirt and on top of that I was wearing my corset. Merel was wearing a dress with cape that my mom made and for herself my mom made a great costume as well.Since I didnt took any pictures of our selfs, I am going to have to steal the ones that John took of us and that she put on her Facebook.

Everyone had a great time and even Antonio loved the festival. He even said he might be wearing a costume as well next year, and me, I all ready ordered a pattern for a new costume for myself. I am going to need my mom’s help to make it though :P. For Anarosa I will make a pretty little costume too and Merel has her other dress we bought last year when we where there.

All the pictures of Castlefest that either me or Antonio took you can find right here together with the pictures I stole from my moms Facebook. 😛 Enjoy the pictures!!!



My day today

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Well, I am having a normal day today. I woke up at 5:00 am to go to work. I was a little bit tired and sleepy, after all I slept only 4 hours, and it was raining and a bit and  cold outside.  Anyways, I got dressed, washed my face and went to work. It was really dark and the rain didn’t help either. At that hour, there is usually many bunnies around the road but not today. Maybe because it was raining and cold, thank god, the place where I work is not so far away from our house. It was lot of work to do and I even stay there 2 hours longer than I am normally scheduled, but its worthy since I get paid 200% more than normal for those extra hours. After work I went back home. Surprisingly, the sun was shining with not so many clouds. So, I didn’t have any trouble on the way home. When I finally got home, I put my keys and wallet away, changed my clothes and ate something. Then I sat on the couch with my laptop and relax for a bit… didn’t last long though. That was all so far till 2 pm. Maybe I will write the rest of my day later on. Right now, I am going to sleep for a couple hours and than play for a while something.

By the way, this is the place where I work:


Guinea pigs, Halmark and more..

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I discovered Ebay…

ahuh, I did. And now the Ebay fever had hit me, I wat to sell things too! In the last few weeks I have been looking arround my house and putting the things aside that I really can not use anymore but that are still in great condition. Clothes from my daughter who have gotten too small and only have been worn once or twice, even clothes from me that I didnt really liked after all.

I also discovered i have a limited edition hallmark hazy days collectible. Only 5000 where made and mine is numbered 1268. Does that mean I actualy have something thats worth something decent? You understand what this means? It means that I have to go google and find outif they are actualy worth something. I remember exactly how I got it.

I was working in a big warehouse downtown of a cute lil city. Once every year they had a great sale for the people who worked there. All sorts of things where being sold lottery way. which means we all went arround looking at the things we wanted to buy. Then we all got as many numbers as items where written down. Each lot costed 1 euro. Then the numbers where being called.. if your number was called you would get to go get one of the items you wanted.. If someone else wanted the same and had his/her number picked before you, too bad.. then you simply had to get something else or nothing. Ofcourse as lucky as I am my numbers came at the end and there wasnt anything left that I wanted really. But these things where really cheap now and some normally costed up to 100 euros. So I simply picked some things that where cute and I could use somehow or make someone else happy with. At the end of this lottery there was one last raffle. All tickets went in a hat and 3 where picked. Three numbers where picked and three people went home with free tickets to the coolest circus in the Netherlands. Quite expensive tickets aswell may i add.. However.. again I wasnt so lucky to go home with them. I did go home with this hallmark limited edition collectible lazy days some little things for my little girl a few gifts for some other people and only a few euros lighter.

Thats how I got that Hallmark limited edition collectible. I dont know if I am going to sell it, but its just standing arround and I dont really have anything with it, its cute but… I am a fairy/elf kinda person 🙂

Now on to the next thing, Guinea pigs, I dont have anythingwith those either.. except, I bought the cutest lil pink baby guinea pigs ever! No they are not real, they are not even for me but for two wonderful girls who i am sure will love these guinea pigs. They are beanie babies by the way. See I do love cute things. just not for me to keep 🙂 I rather make other people happy with cute little things 🙂

Well so much for today! Till next time!

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