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Castlefest 2012

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge fan of anything fantasy, fairy, mysterious, and full of joy. So after discovering Castlefest last year, I had to come back again this year. Again it was a blast and like last year the rain  poured down hard. But only for short times!  Most of the time we had sun! The temperature was perfect aswell.

This year Antonio and Anarosa came with us too. One of us had to go by bus because we could not fit all in the car and since Antonio was the only one who was not in a costume and not driving the car, he was to go with the bus. On the way back I was supposed to go with the bus though so I took normal clothes with me in the car. My mom had made an awesome blouse to go with my velours skirt and on top of that I was wearing my corset. Merel was wearing a dress with cape that my mom made and for herself my mom made a great costume as well.Since I didnt took any pictures of our selfs, I am going to have to steal the ones that John took of us and that she put on her Facebook.

Everyone had a great time and even Antonio loved the festival. He even said he might be wearing a costume as well next year, and me, I all ready ordered a pattern for a new costume for myself. I am going to need my mom’s help to make it though :P. For Anarosa I will make a pretty little costume too and Merel has her other dress we bought last year when we where there.

All the pictures of Castlefest that either me or Antonio took you can find right here together with the pictures I stole from my moms Facebook. 😛 Enjoy the pictures!!!



An orc and an elf 3

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

The elf smirks ‘n plays with a torque
Then with a smile around her lips she said
“It takes more then just ‘n ugly orc,
to keep n elf like me for always dead”

As she dances thru the cave
Singing about this ugly orc;
“He was truly a dork,
and he really doesn’t shave.”

“The power of my mind is so much stronger,
Then the muscles of this beast
The length of my words are so much longer”
Then his arms can ever reach”

She laughs, she jumps and dances
There shines no red moon today,
She takes all the possible chances
To say whatever she wants to say.

“I’m right, I’m right even when I turn left
And I get away with everything,
and thats not all,” she continues to sing,
“one day he also has to deal with theft”

This orc he couldn’t understand that this lil’ elf;
She’s just being whats she’s supposed to be;
And really cannot help herself;
nifty, naughty, and snappy; for sure that is she!

D.S. May 31 2006 15:30 pm


An orc and an elf 2

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

It’s words that got her into trouble,
And forced that orc to burst her bubble.
If she’d kept quiet when it mattered,
She might not have got quite so battered.

But no, she wouldn’t heed advice,
When angry orc said just be nice.
Instead she had to gloat and boast,
So orc resorts to elf spit-roast.

But after her obliteration,
Hata grants reincarnation,
Problem is when orcs see red,
you’re better off to just stay dead.

If you will get up off the floor,
He has to take your head once more.
His vengeful work will not be done,
Til all your daily turns are gone.

If you insist on taunting so,
Don’t be surprised when elf blood flows.
So tell your mouth, ere it’s so rash,
Stop writing cheques your ass can’t cash.

father nav

May 31, 2006 10:28 am



Sunday, May 18th, 2003

I wrote this story about my character in the mmorpg called Dransik at that time. Currently its called Ashen empires. I don’t play that game anymore tho but I have been playing it for about 4 years. So here is the story of Eladine.

My story isn’t as heroic as most I have heard, it is mostlikely one of the
stories that will be gone and lost forever. However it is my life story,
my past and perhaps little about my future.

I was born in Whisperdale.. At that time it was still a very peaceful
place to be. However that has changed, many army’s of all kinds of
beasts and other creatures came to our lands and woods, to kill everything that was alive.
They brought diseases and they poisoned many minds with evil. They roamed the woods
and fields to search for more lives to take.

I was very young when my mother died, she was diseased and a cure could not be
found in time… T’is’ a sad story, she was a very beautiful and caring lady….
May her soul rest in peace… I remember her very well, telling me shortly before
she died, that whatever would happen not to stop caring for others, and that a
smile would be my most powerful tool. For a smile can bring more joy than a
thousand words. And a smile will confuse your enemies, if there are any at all.
These things she told me, I will never forget. They are carved in my soul.

And I will try to live by her words to the best I can.

My father, was a strong woodworker. A silent man of little words. He was respected
for his strength and wisdom. He helped the families that had losses wherever he
could. He used to get up early to go out in the woods to come home late in the
evening with enough wood to keep 4 elvin families warm for a week. Until one
day..when he did not come back, I was worried sick and I went through town asking
everyone if anyone had seen him. But.. nobody had. It was a dark night and the
enemies were many and close to town. We could hear their noises coming
from the woods. The other elvin men wanted to go search for him. But our elder told
them not to. He said it would be too dangerous and many more lives would be lost if they
went right away. He advised them to wait till the next day to search for him. The following day they searched the woods all around till they found him.. dead… T’ had been a rough
fight…. bones lay everywhere around. He fought brave and slaughtered many
before they eventually mannaged to kill him. He must have tripped because they found
his body under a pile of bones from dead enemies. When the men came home to bring
me the bad news, I was Angry and hurt, and I was crying my heart out for the next 2
days. Than One night I had a dream..

I saw myself, a strong elvin female. I no longer lived in Whisperdale but home was
wherever I laid my head down. I saw myself fighting evil and killing the beasts.
I woke up all confused. What could this mean? Then a voice spoke to me. “Eladine,
sweet elvin child. Do not be afraid and do not fear what lies ahead of you.
Many long and dangerous journeys await you, but do not fear. Train hard and Learn
from others. Listen carefully to what others tell you, take your lessons out of
everythign you see. This dream you had is your future.” The voice I recognised as being
my fathers but when it had stopped speaking to me and I called for him, no answer
came. Many times I doubted myself if I was not imagining things that where not
there for real.

This dream… Our old home some equipments and armour… little cash,few words
of wisdom and lots of pride is what My parrents had left me.

I trained many years, I grew strong, I helped others where I could and i Learned
from each new day. Than the day came, That i feelt it was time to leave. I sold
my home and only took little with me…

My journeys had started….


She left us

Tuesday, October 5th, 1999


~*~ She left us,  ~*~


The sky is covered with gray and scudding clouds,
which are blowing hard with their invisible mouths,
cold cust of winds right into my face,
Its obvious, summer has left this place.
With elegance and a friendly inner self,
did autumn approached and introduced herself.
She entered her season with composure and forbearance
She transformed the leafs colors into a beautiful appearance.
But, when she saw that we couldn’t appreciate her and her colors of beauty
she lost her calmed and inflamed into a untamable fury.
She grab the trees and shook them until the leafs felt down.
She chased the fallen leafs and colored them brown,
she cried tears of inability and the rain fell down on us.
No longer she showed us her kind and tenderness
Cause now she left us with the days and nights dark and cold.
A new season appeared, chilly destructive and bold.
And its now that we wished that she still was with us here
Now that we are left behind in this invulnerable kingdom called winter.
She is gone she has left us until the next summer gives her back her place.
It’s a long waiting time until she can blow again the wind in our face.


5 October 1999 9:00 PM

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