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13 weeks and 5 days

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

13 weeks and 5 days pregnant now. I am starting to feel better everyday. I still keep bed because i feel a little light in my head still and still have the acid burn in my stomach. I feel very tired quickly too.

I have ordered and received 2 crossstitch kits which I am working  now every free minut I have. Its a great way to kill time and I will have something that reminds me of these days of my pregnancy other then my child ofcourse after its born XD. When I was pregnant from my daughter I started building a website about my pregnancy and everythign baby related basically.

That site turned out to a 60 pages huge thing and it was the most visited dutch personal baby website  arround  1998 -1999.  It appeared in a small article in a dutch magazine for computer stuff and ofcourse it received tons of visitors in that period. After  a couple years I took it down. I still ahve all the files and pages ofcourse, so perhaps I could add a category at some point where I repost those  pregnancy diary stories. They where quite populair to my public at that time. Other then the pregnancy diary Ofcourse the site had a lot more to offer. It was arround that time not so easy to find cute lil animated babyimages. So I started to collect them and ofcourse posted them on my site for others to use on there pages. We had an award site, poetry. music, recipes, games and ofcourse after my daughter was born  the pictures and more stories about her daily adventures.

Right now I dont feel like doing the same kind of thing again. I allready did it right? so I’ think I’ll keep it to my blogging about it here.


Moment Opname

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Een herinnering

Samenkomst van het verleden

Een opening

Het begin van het heden


D.S. 8 february 1998 13:30


Lieve Wereld,

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Lieve Wereld,

Als ik dood ben gegaan,
Laat er dan vrede zijn,
Alleen geluk en geen enkele haat.
Het lijkt me zo fijn.

Als ik niet meer leven kan hier,
Blijf dan lachen, wees vrolijk,
En maak dan plezier.
Het lijkt me zo heerlijk.

Als ik zo dood ben als een pier,
Laat dan geen mens, geen mens, geen dier,
Ooit nog z’n leven doden.
Het is dan door mij verboden.

Als ik niet meer leven zal,
En de rust is hier gekomen,
Denk dan aan mij.
Het zijn mijn liefste dromen.

Written before 98 unknown excact date by D.S.


Waylon’s album Wicked Way

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Imagine being in your twenties and walking around with a Motown contract in your pocket! Now that’s hot eh?

Waylon’s Wicked Way on Youtube

And with that news  I want to  introduce today to you a great dutch singer who goes by the name Waylon. His voice is awesome, hes dang goodlooking,27 year old  and got a Motown contract.  Sorry ladies, hes married :). I’m guessing that’s a dream many artist have. Hes the first dutch artist to get a Motown contrac and thats HOT!

His album wicked way has been for sale since the end of august. His voice carries the strength of the soul music from the 60’s and the rock n roll of the seventies! We have a topper here! You can find his personal webpage right here. Its available in dutch and english!



Monday, February 9th, 1998

Een zucht…




Een hoop lucht…



February 9 1998 13:55

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