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Castlefest 2012

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am a huge fan of anything fantasy, fairy, mysterious, and full of joy. So after discovering Castlefest last year, I had to come back again this year. Again it was a blast and like last year the rain  poured down hard. But only for short times!  Most of the time we had sun! The temperature was perfect aswell.

This year Antonio and Anarosa came with us too. One of us had to go by bus because we could not fit all in the car and since Antonio was the only one who was not in a costume and not driving the car, he was to go with the bus. On the way back I was supposed to go with the bus though so I took normal clothes with me in the car. My mom had made an awesome blouse to go with my velours skirt and on top of that I was wearing my corset. Merel was wearing a dress with cape that my mom made and for herself my mom made a great costume as well.Since I didnt took any pictures of our selfs, I am going to have to steal the ones that John took of us and that she put on her Facebook.

Everyone had a great time and even Antonio loved the festival. He even said he might be wearing a costume as well next year, and me, I all ready ordered a pattern for a new costume for myself. I am going to need my mom’s help to make it though :P. For Anarosa I will make a pretty little costume too and Merel has her other dress we bought last year when we where there.

All the pictures of Castlefest that either me or Antonio took you can find right here together with the pictures I stole from my moms Facebook. 😛 Enjoy the pictures!!!



Pictures! (or the lack of it)

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Yes, I know I have been slacking, but I don’t have photoshop on my new laptop and  I am so used to  the speed of my new laptop that I really dont like sitting at my old destop anymore. My old desktop is now in use by my oldest daughter who is going to need one when she goes to her new school next year.

I am so proud of her! shes such a smart girl, very intelligent and creative. Ofcourse like every teenager she has her off-days but, dont we all? even when not teenager anymore? Excactly we cant be awesome all of the time :). And being her mom, i be the first one to know when somethign is up with her. Usualy ofcourse its me to blame for her mood because i had asked her to do somethign for me, or to clean up her  mess in her bedroom or I talked to her because she was late at school or forgot somethign or whatever.. So yeah its usualy me to blame  XD. And thats ok, thats what I’m mommy for :).

Now back to the topic, pictures well I will see to it that I get Photoshop installed this week and with some luck and loss of my lazyness I might start uploading and posting new pictures again. What I Can do right now is post a little video of our sweet  princess Anarosa, the youngest of the family :).

She makes me laugh all the time even when she  has been keeping me awake last few nights, every day she brings a smile to my face. I’m pretty sure she will be walking free soon, without  me holding her. We are learning her little things that are fun to do and she picks up on them really fast, like clapping her hands :).  She is sooooooo cute :).

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