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36 weeks & 2 days

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

We are getting there… sooner or later this little giorl is going to want to come out and we will finally be able to hold her in our arms…

I hope ofcourse in the first place she will be all healthy like she seems to be right now… But secondly i also hope she will stay inside for just about 10 more days…

The house isnt ready… even though I am.. the house is not and that kinda makes me not comfortable at all..  We have her bed, her bath, her clothes her everything except her room.. Well we do have her room.. its just not finished.. at the moment me and Antonio are camping there on a supersize airbed.. I have had worse nights but its not really 100% comfortable, especially not to get in and out, which happens a couple times with me having to go to the restroom now more often since this little girl is adding more and more pressure on my bladder…

Talking about my bladder… I dont seem to have an bladderinfection anymore so thats a good thing…

After registering  with the new midwife she wanted to have me go to the hospital for an extra echo/ultrasound and extra blood tests too. She thought our girl might be a bit small but.. I really dont think shes that small.. shes  a little below average but not below the minimum and me and Antonio are neither very big so that really don’t surprise me.. At the hospital they thought everything was fine too and there was nothing unusual on the echo/ultrasound either but it was nice to see my little girl move again on the  screen…

I feel her all the time, shes very active and barely ever I have to wonder if shes ok in there… My tummy stays nice n soft so up to this point I have no reasons to believe shes having any troubles or that my body has any troubles… I’m thinking with the moving to this new place behind us and My daughter happy on her new school theres a lot of stress off my shoulders… Also I do feel a lot better all be it not 100%.. food is still a problem but I am still gaining weight and actualy dont look skinny anymore either at all..

My feet – ankles get thick now all the time and I try to lay them high when we go to bed.. My/our little suitcase to go to the hospital when  our little girl decides its time, is ready almost I just need to add the clothes I am going to wear to leave the hospital But I am guessing I will be wearing something when I go there so I should have something right? Well.. still they might get dirty so I rather pack an extra set of clean clothes just to be sure.. Looking at the weather I am thinking just a long dress with short sleeves and a shirt with long sleeves to wear under it would do. Then for good and bad weather I am prepared.. besides we live right near the hospital and going home in a taxi so I am not too worried…


22 weeks and 6 days!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Time seems to go uberfast now and I’m at the point now where I am starting to get anxious about everything being ready for the baby. We have not bought many things yet because we have not moved yet and it makes me nervous. When I see something in sale that I really like I do buy it though, like the playpen blanket that I saw last week. The colors fit amazingly with the colors for the room we have in mind so I bought it, together with an adorable little outfit for our little girl.

I am not really feeling great, though it has ups and downs now, I am back to throwing up sometimes. Also the stomach acid burn is back and on top of that my back starts to hurt a lot and my tummy feels really tight. I feel my baby moving a whole lot and especially the times I am going to rest/sleep, she seems to be having a ball in there…. sighs, our little party girl… thats gonna be something.

Talking about my tummy, I finally have some pictures I took that I will show you guys. I have taken pictures two times now but havent uploaded them yet because there was no comparison.  The first set of pictures is from when I was 17 weeks pregnant, and the second set is from this week, 22 weeks pregnant. Click on the images to view them in bigger size and click on the bigger image again to return here.

17 Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant

As you can see I grew a lot in those weeks, I will likely grow a lot more still but since I am a small person I doubt I will get a huge tummy. We will see… Take care all! I will post again soon with more news.


14 weeks and 2 days

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Not feeling so well today. My tummy is upset and just cant sleep now.

I also have almost everyday a bleeding-nose which is very common during pregnany. It stops quickly and doesnt really give me trouble but yeah its a little annoying.

keeping it short cause i’m not feeling well but wanted to post something at least.

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