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Summer, or is it?

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

So they say its summer but to be honest I did not noticed much of it yet. Its so far the coldest summer in 25 years here, at least that’s what I have read somewhere on a news site. I am a little late with the pics again as usual but we went swimming two weeks ago with Anarosa and she had a great time. She looked so adorable in her new dress that she got from her grandmother from Venezuela. The little sunhat just finished the image of my little girl as a sweet little doll.  So after I was done taking a zillion pictures, (she would’nt stand still and turns her face the wrong direction just when I click of course)we continues our trip to the pool.

We decided to go to the one nearby and it happened to be a very quiet time there. I can’t really explain why but perhaps because it was not that hot and the bad economy might have made people decide to stay home maybe.

She had a great time at the pool and enjoyed the little slide in the kiddie pool. She loved going with us in the deeper pool where the bubbles and the wild river was and she loved dragging us around going from one pool to another. The fries we bought half time was a  great call too although they where very expensive.

So that day was most definitely one to repeat often. Maybe next weekend. We will see what the weather does. Take care ya’ll enjoy your summer.

edit: the pics are dated at 2006 don’t feel like redoing them though they from 2012 let that be clear lol that little one is not 6 years old yet 😛




Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Its autumn allready, time goes so fast and I only have so little of it XD. So here some updates about what happened in my life recently.
– Anarosa, ofcourse been growing and growing and producing lots of diapers too ofcourse LOL but yeah shes not a newborn anymore. I stopped breastfeeding here when she was 3 months and when shes 4 months we will start introduce real food to her besides milk. In my gallery you can find now a section with pics from her by the way :). I will ofcourse update and add pictures there whenever I feel like it.

-The house, yeah the house, we still had a lot of thingsthat needed be done since the last time I posted about it and even when we now did a lot again, still a lot needs to be done. Anarosa her room is mostly done now. The plints need to be added and we still want to buy a new commode for her room and ofcourse the curtains to finish it off. a few planks on the wall to put some decorations and thats done. The living room just needs curtains mainly and my crossstitch painting on the wall. also we dont have the money yet and havent found yet real nice vitrines that we can hang on the wall like the ones we have seen at ikea before they took it out of the collection. The table in the kitchen is there now too and we need to add only 3 more chairs there and ofcourse some curtains in the window too. we have replaced the refrigerator for a bigger one with a freezer so we can finally keep our leftovers a bit longer and are not forced to eat them the next day :).

Well I guess thats as much as all the updates now, more news whenever !


She left us

Tuesday, October 5th, 1999


~*~ She left us,  ~*~


The sky is covered with gray and scudding clouds,
which are blowing hard with their invisible mouths,
cold cust of winds right into my face,
Its obvious, summer has left this place.
With elegance and a friendly inner self,
did autumn approached and introduced herself.
She entered her season with composure and forbearance
She transformed the leafs colors into a beautiful appearance.
But, when she saw that we couldn’t appreciate her and her colors of beauty
she lost her calmed and inflamed into a untamable fury.
She grab the trees and shook them until the leafs felt down.
She chased the fallen leafs and colored them brown,
she cried tears of inability and the rain fell down on us.
No longer she showed us her kind and tenderness
Cause now she left us with the days and nights dark and cold.
A new season appeared, chilly destructive and bold.
And its now that we wished that she still was with us here
Now that we are left behind in this invulnerable kingdom called winter.
She is gone she has left us until the next summer gives her back her place.
It’s a long waiting time until she can blow again the wind in our face.


5 October 1999 9:00 PM

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