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I’ll give you a lifetime

Saturday, August 8th, 2020
I'll give you a lifetime,
For every 5 minutes you ask.
I'll give you a lifetime,
Without trial, without task.
I'll give you a lifetime,
Under the sky so blue.
I'll give you a lifetime,
For every "and I, you".
I'll give you a lifetime,
To build to share and to love.
I'll give you a lifetime with me
Under the sun and the moon above.
D.S. 8-8-2020 9:41 pm


I lied to you

Friday, August 4th, 2017

I lied to you,

When I told you that I love you,
And when I said I would for as long as I live.

It’s not true,

Because I don’t just love you,
What I feel is so much more then that.
There just are no other words that will do.


You are my soul mate,
I will love you always,
Beyond the stars and the moon.
And I will find you again and again.

Luna, (D.S)  august 4 2017 9:58 am


Like chocolate

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Like Chocolate

You look at me
With your beautiful
Deep brown eyes

In my stomach
Every time
Again and again

I melt
Like chocolate
In your mouth
When you smile

My heart races
When your voice
Meant for me
Reaches my ear

You touching my life
Leaves an imprint
In my heart
I never forget.

D.S. 23 march 2017 12:30


A moment in time

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


A moment in time

It seemed much more but it was just a moment in time,
As brief as it was it was as well infinitely divine,
Like a magnet our souls draw each other,
Every day closer and closer to another.
The day I found you, the moment we met,
The words, and everything we said,
Are forever planted in my head.
Nightmares left where dreams appeared,
Along came new things that I feared.
I wished upon the moon and stars at night,
To feel your arms around me holding me tight.
Now months later everything went so fast,
I’m so scared that what we found won’t last,
Then and now such a harrowing contrast.
I’m still not ready, I fear, I have to watch you go,
Still I will love you until there is no more tomorrow.
I’ve given you my heart for you, to have my love, which runs so deep,
Just as I will treasure your love forever, what was once mine to keep.


10-19-2016 7:33 PM D.S. 
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