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Halloween and cupcakes

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

So yeah finally I feel like posting again. I have been so very busy with so many different things and so many more things are coming up again but I finally got things a little bit in order again although my house could use a vacuuming I still have a laundry in the washing machine waiting to get hanged, I should really work on my CreaBea project map again. The Halloween party was a great success, the speed mini-cupcake workshop last saturdays was a success as well. Pictures of the Halloween party are  in my gallery!

This week started with breakfast at CJM and then a meeting with CJM about what was coming up this week, a meeting about the newspaper we are going to be running from CJM, and we coördinated our presentations for Tuesday for the budget of 700 Euros that we could get. That means I had to make cupcakes on Monday evening and decorate them on Tuesday. I had someone watch after Anarosa because taking her with us on that presentation was NOT a good idea. And then we already arrived on Wednesday. Last night the presentation was a great success.

The budget was granted and that means I have a 700 euros to spend for my CreaBea clubs. I am thinking about buying a new mixer so that my own little handmixer can be used for what its meant for and not those heavy projects I am using it now for. Once in a while a cake or a dough is not a problem but once I have to start mixing 2 doughs or more and 3 buttercremes  or more all on one day then my handmixer starts having problems and I like my handmixer. Its actually a Braun Multimixer and it can do a lot more then mixing. its just a complete kitchen machine. Any how that problem should be solved once I have a new kitchen machine that’s more professional.


Pictures of Anarosa her 2d Birthday

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

And here are the pictures of my sweet little baby girl (who’s not so little anymore ) her Second Birthday 🙂 Its all about the cake, the gifts and the toys she’s got 🙂 Enjoy :).

(click on the links in the text to go straight to the folder with the pictures.)


Happy Birthday Anarosa!!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Today my youngest daughter turned 2 years old. We went swimming today in Oosterparkbad. That’s for us at the other side of the city but I like that swimming pool because they have outdoor AND indoor swimming pools for little ones and big ones :P. It was a wonderful day with great weather. I even got a tan! Anarosa had lots of fun too, she loves going swimming. When we came back home there was of course the cake and the gifts. We did the gifts first and then the cake. So at least she has some time to play with them before bedtime. Of course there are pictures but I will upload those another time because I have got to do some cleaning up now and then we continu with the little party 🙂 We planned on watching a movie tonight. So laters all!


Caking day

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Making the cake the birthday of my youngest daughter Anarosa. Shes gonna be 2 tomorrow. All the decorations has been made out of fondant and the cake is in the oven now. As soon as its ready I will start making the buttercream. And this evening when its completely cooled down I will start decorating it. I’ll show pictures when finished tomorrow


New Camera

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Since my last new camera turned out to be a bit of a dissapointment and it broke, I bought a new one. From another brand. I used to love the Canon powershot cameras but the other one i had was barely a few days past the warranty date and it stopped working propperly. Something with the lense being stuck when I turned it on. Sometimes it would go on normally, with a lot of od sounds though, that I dont thik its suposed to make. But then when I made pictures with it they where always blurry Like the lense wasnt clear or something… I never dropped the camera and always have been carefull with it carrying it in a camera bag etc etc.. So for a while I used my old old old camera, my old canon powershot that I thought broke too.. It had served me for a few years so I didnt mind replacing that one when it started to give me troubles. It would give me memory card errors when I turn it on and when I would take out n out back in the memory card it was fine again and I could just make pictures. Kinda annoying but it still worked. So I used that for  almost a year again. I didnt really wanted to spend money on a camera allready and there where more important things to spend my money on. So when I dont really need it.. why buy it right? But two days ago when making pictures of my daughter in her cute new pajamas, I noticed somethign really weird on the screen. Lines… Lines on mhy picture.. the picture looked like a printed picture from a printer that is running low on ink… or just a real old one that needs to be cleaned.. or replaced lmao. So I did needed a new camera now cause I do have the need to make pictures whenever I want to. Especialy with Anarosa being so little I have to have a working camera.

So I bought a Nikon this time… Nikon S3100… a purple one… I love purple 🙂 The reviews on this camera where good so I decided to give it a shot. And here it is:

I was gonna buy a nikon s5100 but the reviews on this one where better AND I couldnt get the s5100 in purple for the price I wanted it for. So I went for the S3100, which was cheaper, had better reviews… and last but not least, its purple :). I Like the camera so far, its easier to operate then my last Canon, and I like the color better… my Canon was red XD They had no purples. So I played a little bit with it and the pictures seem to looking good as well. So, I am back in bussines, the picture bussines XD.

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