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Re-adding lost data.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Today I have started with adding the lost data again. I have re-uploaded the pictures from my trip to Scotland and as soon as I am done writing this post I will upload more pictures from my trip to Scotland that I had not uploaded yet. I am also re-adding some of the lost posts as well.


My Birthdaycake,

Friday, June 29th, 2012

I know it is a little late but  I had so much going on aside of the fact that my website has been down that I did not uploaded any pictures of the cake that I made for both my birthday and the visit of Antonio’s family. Its my first big cake I made and decorated with fondant. I had made two real small ones just to try out and to get a taste sample but other then that this is basically my first full decorated home made cake. I have to say I am very pleased with the result of it. Here are some pictures of my artwork before we eat it.



Again a new host AND my own domain…

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

So barely 1 day after moving to a new host my site again comes up with a load of errors. This needs to change. I don’t want my husband to have to spend time fixing up stuff all the time due to a bad hosting company who don’t have their things working properly as they should.

He went looking for again another host and he found one and I also could have my own domain now. It would cost me a few bucks though. So I put some thoughts in this and although its just my personal blah blah blah blog where the only loyal customers are a few good friends and a load of webcrawlers, I do want to keep it, if it works properly. And maybe one day I am going to put a LOT more time in it and make it a popular site that gets a load of hits every day, who knows… So I decided to pay up and let hubby take care of it. That means that whisperedwords.nl is now a FACT! (whisperedwords.com wanted to have about 700 dollars for the domain so i figured that .net does the trick just as well.)

Right now there are still some errors that he need to take care off, the backups from the lost posts need to be restored and there are a few new things I want to add and some changes that need to be done before I am content again, but at least I can say, we are back. Now hang in there with me and everything will be fine in not too long…

I hope when that all is behind us that I finally can get to finish uploading my puss in boots tutorial, my new lilacs tutorial and carrot soup tutorial so y’all can stop yelling at me and asking me when I finally will do this 😛



Still problems

Friday, June 15th, 2012

My blog still seem to have a few problems. Antonio can’t reach the server at the moment to fix this so we will have to wait it out again. I am already thinking about moving to again another server. I really need something reliable for my blog. I don’t have the energy and dont want to put the energy for this mess with hosts every time.

I am going to create a flyer for the creative club I am working with and see if I can get people motivated to join us and participate. I have found loads of things on the web and with my own imagination and creativity I am sure I can come up with some small and fun projects to do that won’t even cost much.

Starting with the laundry, that leaves me plenty to do for today, take care all.


Graphical contests

Monday, December 12th, 2011

I have been participating in graphical contests for about 5 – 6 years now. These contests varied from photography, logodesign, photomanipulations, and much more. Those who are familiar with graphic contests are probably well known with sites like worth1000.com and perhaps  pxleyes (formerly known as photoshoptalent.com). Ofcourse lets not foget about Deviantart.com about anyone whos active with digital graphics must have heard of DA. Ofcourse there are many more sites that are less known, at least to me they where. So I decided to create a blogpost about these sites that offer graphical competitions.  At some sites you can actual win real money even! Some sites are just for fun. Many of these sites offer next to these contest also a lot more other things. Tutorials for example and stockphotos. Some sites just lists contests they find at other places and some sites create there own contests.  I will just list them and its up to you to have a look to see what they are about. Because I could say a lot about a site but  some things work  great for one person and somethings work better for another person.


Allright and with this short list I think I have given you a penty of places where  to go to for graphical contests. If you run a site that hosts contests and you are not listed, let me know. Ill check the site out msyelf and post a link, ofcourse if its fitting to this subject.
Hugs ela

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