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I did it!

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

I managed to make the lil video I have been trying to make for like two weeks now. What I’m talking about you wonder? what video? The video where Anarosa is walking on ofcourse! I had a few tries again yesterday but she keept seeing me and crawling towards me when she spotted the camera.. I don’t know what she is thinking of that lil box in my hand that flashes sometimes (when pictures are made). But for sure she thinks she needs to get her hands on it someday because she keeps trying to get it haha! Allright here is her lil video.

With her hands forward like that you’d almost think shes trying to pretend to be a zombie LOL. She is sooooo cute 🙂 And here I have something else i really want to show you. Anarosa reading a magazine Haha so funny, she was really turning the pages like we do, as if she was really reading it.


She WALKS!!!

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Of course I am talking about Anarosa, she has been putting little steps solo since her first birthday but shes getting more and more confident with herself now. Often I catch her getting up without holding herself and walking a few steps. Its awesome to see it and I have been tryign to catch it on camera and make a little video but everytime I have he camera she just falls down and she notices me and comes right up crawling to me to try take the camera LOL. Hopefully I will be able soon to show you how shes walking, even when its only a few steps :).


I gotta tell someone – UB40

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

I gotta tell someone,can anyone hear me

The girl of my dreams told me that she loves me

She whispered & I was consumed so completely

Lost in the love that I feel whenever she’s near me


She’s got me wishing for something that’s missing

Staring at stars getting high on her kissing

Now I got my girl, my girl got me

We’re making plans for a family




Together we’ll stay come what may

Nothing come between us or get in our way

This is for real the really big deal

At last we’ve found someone who knows how we feel




She took me out walking, I should not be talking

Whispered in my ear but I’m telling you nothing

If I were you, you know what I’d do

Get one of your own so you can whisper too


Rebuilding my blog.

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

As you can see I have started to rebuild my blog. A lot of my poems have been re-added and I added a new section aswell.. Jokes :). I thought we all can use to laugh a little once in a while and I may not always have the mood to make a post depending on my time aswell.

Soon my blog will be ina top condition again once I have once again restored my photoshoptutorials and the lyrics too. Ofcourse my love story will be updated too some time but I am not sure how i will portrait that so I am holding the writing of that a little off yet.  Thats all for now since i’m a little tired with all the work i have allready done today on my blog. Take care all!!



Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

We are still trying to get a backup but I have little to no hope that we will be able to retrieve one. I feel sad, all my posts are gone.. Posts about certain days that are special to me, like the day when I meet Antonio the first time irl, birthdays en lets not forget, my wedding day and what went on before the happy day. All those posts are gone.. I can rebuild a large part of the blog, but those posts I never get back and yes I can write down the info again but the feelings and emotions  of that moment when I first wrote it.. I cant put those back in the text.

Little by little I will rebuild my blog although at the moment I don’t no where to start.. As you can see if you look arround, Antonio allready made a start with it and put a few things back. The easiest part is putting those things back that I have a back up of somehow, like my tutorials, it was very time consuming to restore those a couple weeks ago and altho I’m not looking forward to it, I will restore them again. Also a couple of posts that came from my old blog on a  different adress.. I can bring back I hope. I have not checked yet but I most certainly hope and think  that these are still there. The lyrics and my poems ofcourse I can put back up too. The informational posts I made for the getting back in shape category and the household tips I can bring back too although be it most likely not excactly the same. I dont have a back up of any the posts that I wrote directly into this blog first time.

Ofcourse rebuilding my blog will take time allong with bringing back some old posts I will also ofcourse continu with posting new ones. I will most likely put some of the happenigns that you could of read about on my blog bring back in a  different shape.. Right now I’m thinking about the story of me and Antonio and how we meet. I’m planning to bring that back in some sort of a mini serie where I will tell the story in little parts with a few little stories about events that happened in that context inbetween. I will put that in a different category because I think that deserves its own  special place 🙂 after all its A special story. Ofcourse if any of you readers want toadd somethign to my blog or have a story that you want to share with my visitors then by all means dont hesitate and contact me through the contactform or leave me a message in the shout box at the left side on this page 🙂

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