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Friday, July 27th, 2012

Pffff remind me to start way more early when its this hot and I have to make a birthdaycake or that i look for alternative materials to use because the fondant was rly hard to work with .. wheter it was the heat on the material or the heat on me I dont know 😛 Anyway Anarosa her Birthday cake is finished, the gifts are wrapped, the ballons blown up and the decoration hanging. All thats mising now is the birthdaygirl LOL haha lets catch some zZz’s first


36 weeks & 2 days

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

We are getting there… sooner or later this little giorl is going to want to come out and we will finally be able to hold her in our arms…

I hope ofcourse in the first place she will be all healthy like she seems to be right now… But secondly i also hope she will stay inside for just about 10 more days…

The house isnt ready… even though I am.. the house is not and that kinda makes me not comfortable at all..  We have her bed, her bath, her clothes her everything except her room.. Well we do have her room.. its just not finished.. at the moment me and Antonio are camping there on a supersize airbed.. I have had worse nights but its not really 100% comfortable, especially not to get in and out, which happens a couple times with me having to go to the restroom now more often since this little girl is adding more and more pressure on my bladder…

Talking about my bladder… I dont seem to have an bladderinfection anymore so thats a good thing…

After registering  with the new midwife she wanted to have me go to the hospital for an extra echo/ultrasound and extra blood tests too. She thought our girl might be a bit small but.. I really dont think shes that small.. shes  a little below average but not below the minimum and me and Antonio are neither very big so that really don’t surprise me.. At the hospital they thought everything was fine too and there was nothing unusual on the echo/ultrasound either but it was nice to see my little girl move again on the  screen…

I feel her all the time, shes very active and barely ever I have to wonder if shes ok in there… My tummy stays nice n soft so up to this point I have no reasons to believe shes having any troubles or that my body has any troubles… I’m thinking with the moving to this new place behind us and My daughter happy on her new school theres a lot of stress off my shoulders… Also I do feel a lot better all be it not 100%.. food is still a problem but I am still gaining weight and actualy dont look skinny anymore either at all..

My feet – ankles get thick now all the time and I try to lay them high when we go to bed.. My/our little suitcase to go to the hospital when  our little girl decides its time, is ready almost I just need to add the clothes I am going to wear to leave the hospital But I am guessing I will be wearing something when I go there so I should have something right? Well.. still they might get dirty so I rather pack an extra set of clean clothes just to be sure.. Looking at the weather I am thinking just a long dress with short sleeves and a shirt with long sleeves to wear under it would do. Then for good and bad weather I am prepared.. besides we live right near the hospital and going home in a taxi so I am not too worried…


20 weeks and 4 days!

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Past half time!! XD well that is.. if my pregnancy is gonna last 40 weeks. However i do think its gonne be born earlier then that though, but we will see..

I feel good aside of the pain in my back and hips when we going somewhere that requiers a little walking i feel really good. No more throing up and my appetite is comming back too. Still cant eat and smell everything but yeah what a difference from the first 4 months… im gai ning weight back al be it a bit slow…  I am gaining..  and the less i gain, the less i have to loose afterwards. with my first pregnancy i total gained 7 kilos (14 pounds) on top of my normal weight and 7 days after i was right back on my normal weight. I was 55 kilos (110 pounds) before this pregnancy and I lost about 4  so i still have some catchign up to do XD.

At the ultrasound last thursday everything was fine, great actualy, the baby is perfectly healthy and growing just fine as normal. No problems could be found and the baby was very active during the ultrasound and even kicked the lady who was holding the ultrasound thingy on my belly hahaha.

So do we finally know wheter its gonna be a boy or a girl? yes we do know finally although it was a bit of trouble some to check that, eventualy the baby cooperated and we found out that we are gonna have a daughter!! 🙂 weeeee Im really happy the baby is healthy in the first place of course, but secondly I was kinda hoping it was gonna be a babygirl so yeah I’m happy with that news too.. Well if it had been a boy i wouldnt have been less happy though XD just i think its more fun to shop for a girl and ofcourse since I allready have a daughter and have a lot of her clothes still from when she was a baby, I do have a bunch of clothes allready :).  My daughter that I allready have was born august 5  and I am now due juli 20.  Since she was pretty small i’m thinking that the seasons for the clothes are perfect too in this case. Would be quite different if  one would be born in june and the other in december right 🙂 Anyhow, we can hardly wait till our little princess is born!  Her name we like to keep privat and announce once she is born.

So stay tuned I keep you all posted!


Guinea pigs, Halmark and more..

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I discovered Ebay…

ahuh, I did. And now the Ebay fever had hit me, I wat to sell things too! In the last few weeks I have been looking arround my house and putting the things aside that I really can not use anymore but that are still in great condition. Clothes from my daughter who have gotten too small and only have been worn once or twice, even clothes from me that I didnt really liked after all.

I also discovered i have a limited edition hallmark hazy days collectible. Only 5000 where made and mine is numbered 1268. Does that mean I actualy have something thats worth something decent? You understand what this means? It means that I have to go google and find outif they are actualy worth something. I remember exactly how I got it.

I was working in a big warehouse downtown of a cute lil city. Once every year they had a great sale for the people who worked there. All sorts of things where being sold lottery way. which means we all went arround looking at the things we wanted to buy. Then we all got as many numbers as items where written down. Each lot costed 1 euro. Then the numbers where being called.. if your number was called you would get to go get one of the items you wanted.. If someone else wanted the same and had his/her number picked before you, too bad.. then you simply had to get something else or nothing. Ofcourse as lucky as I am my numbers came at the end and there wasnt anything left that I wanted really. But these things where really cheap now and some normally costed up to 100 euros. So I simply picked some things that where cute and I could use somehow or make someone else happy with. At the end of this lottery there was one last raffle. All tickets went in a hat and 3 where picked. Three numbers where picked and three people went home with free tickets to the coolest circus in the Netherlands. Quite expensive tickets aswell may i add.. However.. again I wasnt so lucky to go home with them. I did go home with this hallmark limited edition collectible lazy days some little things for my little girl a few gifts for some other people and only a few euros lighter.

Thats how I got that Hallmark limited edition collectible. I dont know if I am going to sell it, but its just standing arround and I dont really have anything with it, its cute but… I am a fairy/elf kinda person 🙂

Now on to the next thing, Guinea pigs, I dont have anythingwith those either.. except, I bought the cutest lil pink baby guinea pigs ever! No they are not real, they are not even for me but for two wonderful girls who i am sure will love these guinea pigs. They are beanie babies by the way. See I do love cute things. just not for me to keep 🙂 I rather make other people happy with cute little things 🙂

Well so much for today! Till next time!

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