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Here comes the boom & Hallmark

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

To keep the story short so I don’t forget it before I’m able to write down what I got in my head I’ll just drop it right here. We like to watch movies and we watch movies often. Old movies, new movies, it does not matter If its good I’ll watch it. Sure there are some bad apples out there that I regret I ever watched.. then again if I had not watched it I wouldn’t be able to write about it now. So at least it was useful for something right? Land of the lost, it was such a bad movie that it was the worst movie I ever watched till the end. I usually would just turn it off. Put something else on before I’d hurt my brains when a movie is really bad. Just this one movie, Land of the lost, I keept watchign it because I simply could not believe that I was actually watching something that bad.

Now the movie I watched tonight was not a bad movie, I really enjoyed the movie. We where watching “Here comes the boom” with Kevin James, Henry Winkler, Greg Germann  and Salma Hayek. The movie is about some high school teacher. The school that he works at has a tight budget and are going to need to cut off some extra-curricular activities because they simply don’t have the money for it. Scott, the high school teacher is going to try to gather the money together with a few others, so that the music classes can continue at the high school. He’s gathering money by participating in Mixed Martial Arts fights. Aside of this movie being an action movie, its also humorous. And to describe the feeling i got after the movie was over, I’ll just gonna tell you the first thing that came to my mind. I said “man, that was a good movie, really, loved that movie, it made me feel good, its a feel good movie, like a hallmark card”.  You know how they can make ya feel good with one of those super duper cute messages and pictures on it, like its the best card ever that would fit for so many occasions? Well that’s how I felt about this movie.  Ya know what? You probably should just go watch it for yourself.  Take care all!!!

Eh one more thing, to get you started, here is the trailer 🙂 http://youtu.be/M4L6ruTF5qE


Summer, or is it?

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

So they say its summer but to be honest I did not noticed much of it yet. Its so far the coldest summer in 25 years here, at least that’s what I have read somewhere on a news site. I am a little late with the pics again as usual but we went swimming two weeks ago with Anarosa and she had a great time. She looked so adorable in her new dress that she got from her grandmother from Venezuela. The little sunhat just finished the image of my little girl as a sweet little doll.  So after I was done taking a zillion pictures, (she would’nt stand still and turns her face the wrong direction just when I click of course)we continues our trip to the pool.

We decided to go to the one nearby and it happened to be a very quiet time there. I can’t really explain why but perhaps because it was not that hot and the bad economy might have made people decide to stay home maybe.

She had a great time at the pool and enjoyed the little slide in the kiddie pool. She loved going with us in the deeper pool where the bubbles and the wild river was and she loved dragging us around going from one pool to another. The fries we bought half time was a  great call too although they where very expensive.

So that day was most definitely one to repeat often. Maybe next weekend. We will see what the weather does. Take care ya’ll enjoy your summer.

edit: the pics are dated at 2006 don’t feel like redoing them though they from 2012 let that be clear lol that little one is not 6 years old yet 😛



Spam & Googlenopes

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
What does one have to do with the other you wonder?

Well thats quite simple, spam, we all get it.. you know.. those unasked for mails that most of the time try to sell you something, unasked for newsletter with adds… etc etc.. Well this time i actualy read it because of the title.. Googlenopes…
I am a big fan of google and wanted to know what it was about and I found myself reading the following story:
Fact Or Fiction: Nessie, Ghosts, And “Googlenopes”
Doug Caverly | Staff Writer
There was a very clear film of a very murky object that got
released the other day; it may or may not be the Loch Ness Monster.
As for ghosts (and many other strange entities), the debate also
continues.  But “Googlenopes” – the term is new – do exist!

Hat tip to Marketing Pilgrim’s Andy Beal for happening upon this
one; Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post compiled a list of
so-called “Googlenopes.”  As it turns out, the terms and phrases
Google doesn’t recognize are generally both funny and unrealistic,
but at least satire can remain in human hands after robots take
over the world.

Weingarten started off, logically enough, by explaining the
beginning of his quest.  “It’s pretty hard to find a phrase or
expression that is not out there somewhere on the Web,” he writes.
“I know.  I’ve tried.  No matter how unlikely it may seem that
anyone has ever put certain words together, someone, somewhere,
probably has.  When I Googled the exact phrase ‘Santa Claus nude,’
I got 278 hits.”

I’ll now give a few of the examples Weingarten found of true
Googlenopes.  It’s almost sad that, by publishing his article,
the Post writer ended their rare status, but there you have it.
“Sonnets by Elmer” was a decent one.  “Thor adjusted his mascara”
also creates an interesting picture.  And we mustn’t forget, “Much
to Paris Hilton’s embarrassment …”

There were also a couple of political Googlenopes.  To be fair,
I’ll reprint one each, in terms of slighting representatives of
the major parties; “The dainty Hillary Clinton” and “Richard Cheney
in ’08” were probably the top two.

Your humble author tried to contribute an original Googlenope to
this article – I really did – but due to time constraints, I
failed.  For the record, though, Google believes the existence
of a “badass pocket protector” has only been hinted at once

So far this story that I found in a newsletter from webpronews… this was actualy one that I did signed up for however usualy I don’t read it.. I probably signed up for it because I made an acocunt on a forum somewhere and that included this newsletter..

I wanted to know more and.. I googled the term googlenopes and found the rest of the story:


and there was more…


and I am sure that  you will be able to find tons more of these stories once you google it too 🙂 and perhaps you go test it out yourself 🙂

Anyhow.. now you know what googlenopes is 🙂 quite entertaining story eh? especially when one is bored LOL

hugs ela

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