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Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Its autumn allready, time goes so fast and I only have so little of it XD. So here some updates about what happened in my life recently.
– Anarosa, ofcourse been growing and growing and producing lots of diapers too ofcourse LOL but yeah shes not a newborn anymore. I stopped breastfeeding here when she was 3 months and when shes 4 months we will start introduce real food to her besides milk. In my gallery you can find now a section with pics from her by the way :). I will ofcourse update and add pictures there whenever I feel like it.

-The house, yeah the house, we still had a lot of thingsthat needed be done since the last time I posted about it and even when we now did a lot again, still a lot needs to be done. Anarosa her room is mostly done now. The plints need to be added and we still want to buy a new commode for her room and ofcourse the curtains to finish it off. a few planks on the wall to put some decorations and thats done. The living room just needs curtains mainly and my crossstitch painting on the wall. also we dont have the money yet and havent found yet real nice vitrines that we can hang on the wall like the ones we have seen at ikea before they took it out of the collection. The table in the kitchen is there now too and we need to add only 3 more chairs there and ofcourse some curtains in the window too. we have replaced the refrigerator for a bigger one with a freezer so we can finally keep our leftovers a bit longer and are not forced to eat them the next day :).

Well I guess thats as much as all the updates now, more news whenever !


11 weeks pregnant

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I am excactly 11 weeks pregnant today according to the calculation done from the echo (ultrasound) that was done last week.

Im still sick all day if i don’t take my pills and still if I move around or get upset my stomach strongly starts protesting.  So I stay calm and in bed as much as possible. Today however  I went to the hospital to get my blood checked. o.o; I dont like needles… not one bit, but it needed to be done because of my pregnancy. They got 5 tubes with blood of me. I was doing fine but after that I decided to take it easy and sit down for just a few minutes at the hospital restaurant. I had a lil cup of chickensoup and after that we went home.

On the way home we stopped at the market and bought a few things I was needing. Ofcourse there where plenty of stalls. Its the Dappermarkt, the best market in Holland (and thats official). Theres many different kind of things you can buy there.. from fish to vegetables to chicken to fruit, bread, toys, clothes, make-up, tools, flowers and so much more. I didnt think of all the stalls where they sell fried food and as we passed them that smell was blown in my face and omg.. almost throw up right there on the street. I squeezed my nose and we walked quickly past it.. me constantly asking Antonio if the smell was gone yet. And still thinking about that horrible smell makes me  gag again. I cant stand the smell of oil at the moment.. other foods give me a hard time too, but oil.. that really makes me throw up. Ok I have to change subject now because my stomach is not happy by just thinking about it.

Tomorow I am going to the doc to get my urine checked because im a little worried I have  a bladder infection and I don’t want to end up in the hospital again like when I was pregnant from my daughter and never noticed the bladder infection.

My daughter currently stays at my moms and she’s having a good time there. She will be back  before new years tho to celebrate that with us. Its nice n quiet but I really miss her. Ok so far this week, next week i will bring another update about my pregnancy.


What NOT to eat and drink when you’re pregnant

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Wah? you cant eat whatever you want anymore? Thats right. A lot of food contains things that are not healthy for the baby and can on a very serious note even cause a misscariage. To avoid that you should simple stay away from certain  kinds for foods or preparations of food. This ofcourse includes drinks too. Ofcourse I will explain why because i do not expect you simply to take my worth for it and perhaps because i forgot some things it is wise to do a google search to see if theres anything else. Please click the read more link here if you are interested in these types of food that a pregnant woman should avoid.



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