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Lots of cakes and a very busy week

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

Yah last week was very busy for me. Had a lot to do and prepare baked 3 cakes, made a newsletter for the community center, made a flyer, did my creative club, designed a logo (still have to refine it though) got an order for three more cakes, prepared the cupcake decoration stand for tomorrow at neighbourday in the community center and I decided just now to take a break from everything and update my blog with pictures of the cake and this story to go with it.

The first cake I just made for the community center for the first monday morning breakfast after the vacations and I used some of the roses that I had all ready made a while ago . The other two I made for a colleague. Her daughter had her birthday earlier this month and they had a little party to celebrate it.  Her daughter had tried my cake at the community center and wanted  my cakes  for her party. It was fun to do because she wanted Hello Kitty on her cakes and I had not made Hello Kitty cakes yet. Since she wanted two cakes, they both had to be different of course so that was a nice little challenge for me.

If I can find the time I will post pictures of the nieghbourday soon with my cupcake stand and everything else but now first the last three cakes I made.

In my Gallery  where my pictures are you can find a folder with all my cakes and I added more pictures of these cakes there including some detail pictures up close. The filling of these cakes are our all time favorite; vanilla butter creme, bakers creme and fresh strawberry’s. The decorations are made from roll fondant.


Pictures of Anarosa her 2d Birthday

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

And here are the pictures of my sweet little baby girl (who’s not so little anymore ) her Second Birthday 🙂 Its all about the cake, the gifts and the toys she’s got 🙂 Enjoy :).

(click on the links in the text to go straight to the folder with the pictures.)


Happy Birthday Anarosa!!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Today my youngest daughter turned 2 years old. We went swimming today in Oosterparkbad. That’s for us at the other side of the city but I like that swimming pool because they have outdoor AND indoor swimming pools for little ones and big ones :P. It was a wonderful day with great weather. I even got a tan! Anarosa had lots of fun too, she loves going swimming. When we came back home there was of course the cake and the gifts. We did the gifts first and then the cake. So at least she has some time to play with them before bedtime. Of course there are pictures but I will upload those another time because I have got to do some cleaning up now and then we continu with the little party 🙂 We planned on watching a movie tonight. So laters all!



Friday, July 27th, 2012

Pffff remind me to start way more early when its this hot and I have to make a birthdaycake or that i look for alternative materials to use because the fondant was rly hard to work with .. wheter it was the heat on the material or the heat on me I dont know 😛 Anyway Anarosa her Birthday cake is finished, the gifts are wrapped, the ballons blown up and the decoration hanging. All thats mising now is the birthdaygirl LOL haha lets catch some zZz’s first


Caking day

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Making the cake the birthday of my youngest daughter Anarosa. Shes gonna be 2 tomorrow. All the decorations has been made out of fondant and the cake is in the oven now. As soon as its ready I will start making the buttercream. And this evening when its completely cooled down I will start decorating it. I’ll show pictures when finished tomorrow

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