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Almost Christmas again

But what a difference from last year!!! Yes, we are tight with money since Antonio still doesnt have a job yet and my income is still the same.  But this year we are not sitting in a cold n tiny lil house with mice and noisy neighbours.  I still enjoy and appreciate the new appartement we have since I know so well how it used to be. Another different thing from last year is that I am ofcourse not pregnant anymore, and with that.. not sick. last year the whole christmas and newyears party I had planned just couldnt take place. I could not stand any food and the little bit I could eat I would throw up right away. So Yeah in many ways this Christmas is totally different.

My Christmastree has been up since beginning of december and little by little we decorated the house. Since there wasnt much money to do anything extra, we made a lot of our own Christmas decorations. I found the  ideas and the tutorials for some of those on google. I will post those links maybe some other time because I am lazy lately. I do not know why but I have become extremely lazy with such things. I prefer spending that time doing something else. Thats why I have not posted much lately and why I am not up to date with the pictures either. So before I make any promises I will just keep it at a “maybe”.

Since we now have a decent house and the posibility to offer my mom a place to sleep when she comes, we invited her to come over this Christmas. I am really looking forward to it although I can imagine shes a little bit looking up against it. Its going to be her first Christmas without my stepfather since I was ehhhh 5 years old. And them both having the same birthday  on december 23 and there wedding day on december 27 makes it ptretty heavy on her I am affraid. I hope however that staying over at my house, which is something completely different from all the other years, and Anarosa, her youngest grandchild will give her enough  things to appreciate so it wont be all bad those days for her. I  am looking forward too to have her arround, my oldest daughter loves playing games and the more ppl the merrier.

I just hope that she will be able to come because the weather this year is completely different from last year as well.. its cold outside, but not only that its white… very white..  a lot of snow came our way this year and although I love the winters weather I also would like my mom to be able to drive here safely. And theres still suposed to come more snow n freezing… We are all looking forward to it So lets just hope for the best!!!

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and all the best for 2011!! take care!!


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