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38 weeks and 3 days and still counting XD

So I was wrong I thought my daughter to be born either july 6 or 8… its ok though as long as shes sound n save in my tummy its cool with me..

The warmth isnt bothering me that much but the thick feet are getting annoying, I would like to be able to wear my own shoes again or at least slippers instead of Antonios slippers… I look so stupid with those big slippers…

Last week we took the most likely last pictures of my pregnancy because I’m expecting to give birth any day now.

The work in the appartment is still not finished ofcourse.. Since Antonio is completely workign alone and with this heatwave that we have going thats no surprise But he is moving on slowly and  the floor in the living and kitchen is completely done.. Now hes working on the hallway and part of my daughters room since its gfonna be put all in one piece..  Then he moves further in the hallway toward our bedroom and then do our bedroom when the hallway is finished

Next week I likely will hear when we receive my daughters bed and Antonio can finish the floor in her room so the bed can stand there  and she finally can start unpacking her stuff little by little and get to play with her toys n wear all her clothes again instead of being limited to the few I have found back now XD

And ofcourse as soon as the floor in the bedroom is done, our new bed can finally be put together there too and ourcloset as well so we have access to all our clothes again as well..

AND THEN we have room in the storages again so we can at least order the rest of the furniture and start working on the babyroom… I do expect the baby has been born by then and she will have to sleep in our room at first but hey I wont be complaining to keep my newborn close :).

Well thats all for now ill be posting again soon 🙂



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