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Pregnancy news

Yeah yeah, I know I’m kinda late with more news and information but that’s mainly because I don’t have so much information at the moment. Everything is going fine appart from the “normal” pregnancy side effects :P.

Got burning accid ofcourse in my throat worse then ever, however I can eat pretty decent again I still can’t eat much because the baby is growing so  big now that its pushing my stomach up and when im eating too much it simply will come out again the same way it came in o.o; yeah I know too much details.. I am having cramps in my legs aswell wich is very annoying…

Our little princess is growing all right and I feel her move around all day and night still, so thats good as well I’m guessing.

My back is not very stabil and I’m still keeping my bed rest all day as much as possible because a little too much activity and I have a sore tummy and back and can barely walk. Antonio is taking good care of us and seriously does about everything around the house. I know I would have done things different and maybe more and have more eye for detail and such but I shouldnt complain when I am being taken so good care off.. he also takes care of my daughter ofcourse and I am very greatfull for all he does for us. We are still waiting to move and maybe are now in the run for an appartement actualy but i keep that down till I am sure :P  We just have to wait n see :).

I will update my tummy pictures again soon with some new ones so you all can see how I grow 😛 Take care all!



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