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What NOT to eat and drink when you’re pregnant

Wah? you cant eat whatever you want anymore? Thats right. A lot of food contains things that are not healthy for the baby and can on a very serious note even cause a misscariage. To avoid that you should simple stay away from certain  kinds for foods or preparations of food. This ofcourse includes drinks too. Ofcourse I will explain why because i do not expect you simply to take my worth for it and perhaps because i forgot some things it is wise to do a google search to see if theres anything else. Please click the read more link here if you are interested in these types of food that a pregnant woman should avoid.


What not to eat or drink:


Caffeine exists in many drinks that seem to be pretty innocent in the first place, think about coffee, cocoa, cola, tea and the many energy drinks that u might want to grab faster when your pregnant and feel  more tired as usual.  Caffeine can cause a miscarriage so better switch to de-cofffee (caffeine free coffee) Especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy when the risk of getting a miscarriage is highest!


Yes alcohol can be very dangerous for your unborn child, even one glass of champagne during the holidays or any other celebration is a big no no. Again this can cause a miscarriage.

Pate/Liver products

Pate and liver contains high levels of vitamin A, which is needed, but not in such high amounts. Also, pâté contains the bacteria called ‘listeria’, which is not harmful to adults and older children, but it can certainly harm an unborn infant.

Cheese/Cheese products

Cheese is a tat more difficult because its not all cheese thats harmfull during your pregnancy. In general, hard cheeses such as cheddar and parmesan are good to eat so are the normal gouda cheeses, as is feta, ricotta, mozzarella, mascarpone, cottage cheese and processed cheese and processed cheese spreads. On the other hand, unpasteurized cheeses, soft blue cheeses, brie and chevre ( many of the french cheeses) and authentic farmers cheese should always be avoided as they contain listeria just like pâté. Also be carefull with cheese products such as cheesecake. it IS possible to prepare them with a non harmful cheese but MOST restaurants don’t.


Uncooked eggs have the potential to carry the bacteria salmonella which causes food poisoning and so should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy. When u are cooking and using eggs please make sure u keep your hands washed after touching them.  Even half cooked eggs (as found in homemade chocolate mousses and soufflés) can be harmful, so it’s best to choose something different. If you like soft boiled eggs with the eggyolk still soft  then I have to warn you aswell This too can be very harmfull.


Raw and undercooked meat are advised against during pregnancy as they can also carry salmonella and e. coli bacteria and cause food poisoning that is life threatening to an unborn child. Think about beef and such.

Fish, shelfish  and other seafood

Fish is okay to eat as long as it is cooked through and you never eat raw seafood or shellfish (this includes sushi). Do bear in mind, however, that some fish contains high levels of mercury which can harm both you and your baby on a short term and long term basis. Tuna, swordfish and shark are all high in mercury and while you don’t have to cut them out completely, it’s best not to eat them on too regular a basis.


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