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Another Christmas

The pandemic is starting to get harder n harder on me. The borders are closed again as much as possible only open for necessary traveling. All stores except the most important ones, drugstores, supermarkets, and pickup points at DIY shops in case something breaks down in your house. Schools are also closed until Jan 18th.

I keep saying it; they should have done this a lot sooner. Now everyone is crying about not being able to be together with Christmas and not being able to do Christmas shopping. SUCKS to be a last-minute Christmas shopper doesn’t it now? I have ordered some things in the mail literally over one and a half month ago and I’m still waiting for the delivery. I thought it be in time for Christmas. I guess I thought wrong.

I didnt knew that the country was goign to shut down again and everyone and their mom n sister be buying everythign they can and dont need online. The mail is working overtime and cant handle the large amount of packages.

While typing this I glance briefly at my Christmas tree, colorful, sparkly and full of joy with beautiful, silly and cute ornaments it stands proud in my livingroom spreading its joy. Underneath i have stacked nicely wrapped gifts. Another year that I have wrapped my own gifts that I bought for myself. I did it kinda autmatically because i have done so as long as I can remember. Then again my memory is not the best.

I’m mainly doing that for the kids so they didn’t felt bad that mommy didn’t get anything from Santa. My youngest now doesn’t believe anymore since this year and knows I buy all the gifts. I realized that too late after I finished all my wrapping and put everything under the tree. Not sure if it will bother her or make her sad, I honestly hope it will go unnoticed.

Another year, another Christmas maybe one day the traumas I carry deep inside me will not have their effect anymore until then my December days weigh heavy till the end of the month. New years never has been such an issue more like a relief actually that I have it behind me again. Let’s hope that next year the pandemic will be lifted and everyone can go about again so they stop complaining and I don’t have to feel worried anymore when going somewhere.


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