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A long lost love…

Monday, September 19th, 2011

No, no, Antonio has nothing to worry about, it isn’t any competition. Actualy, he felt in love with him too, right away when he saw him. Haha, now you really want to know what the heck I am talking about, right? Well, when I was a little girl, yes, I have been a little girl too! I know that was long ago, thanks for remind me. Anyhow, there wasn’t as many channels on TV as there are now. If I’m not mistaken, we had 2 German channels, 2 Dutch channels, 2 Belgium channels and there where 2 English channels. That’s all I can remember we could receive through the normal connection. I am talking about 35 years ago now. Like I said, there weren’t as many channels and there weren’t as many TV shows either… Of course, the kid’s TV shows were more limited too and no violence in them at all. Unlike now, that almost every single TV show or cartoon has violence in it. Even for little kids. Think about for example the Powerpuff Girls… Those three cute little girls destroy the whole city and monsters… And they are heroes. I have to admit, I liked that TV show but I do think its too violent. Now, the shows that I used to watch as a little girl: De film van Ome Willem, Calimero, De Berenboot, Beertje Colarcol, Bolke de Beer and of course Barbapapa. If you click the links, they will take you to a little youtube movie from that show so you can see what I am talking about. I usually choose for the intro of the show but if u want to see more of it just click the links on youtube. Those that I mentioned are my favorites that I can remember out of my head right now. I am sure there were more but the one lost love I am talking about now is Barbapapa.

The last few years, Barbapapa won back a lot of his popularity after being out of sight for a while. The first book we ever bought for Anarosa was of course Barbapapa. It has the shape of the house of Barbapapa and when you fold it open you see all the little rooms for each of the Barbapapas. Then theres more to it, aside of the big foldout book, there are the little books that come with it. Each book has the shape and colors of one of the barbapapas and tells about the character on the inside. You can play various games with these books aside of just reading from them to your child.

Of course, I had to show Antonio some of the shows of Barbapapa and he fell in love with barbapapa too. Anarosa loves the little books though she’s still too young to really do much with it. Also, we own now a few DVDs of Barbapapa, they contain all the shows of Barbapapa from the first till the last one. In the morning, after I feed Anarosa and after she played a little, I usually start work on my chores and then I put Anarosa in front of the TV in her baby Swing Chair with a cookie. And she watches Barbapapa… And she loves it too!!! She even says Barbapapa lol. She recognizes the little book shapes with the characters from TV too :). It really warms my heart to see how much she enjoys Barbapapa just like I did.

Did you know that the first book appeared in 1970? And that its translated in more then 30 languages? To read more about Barbapapa and how they where created in the 70’s u can read here on the wikipedia page and here is the official Barbapapa webpage (French Dutch or English).

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