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Pictures of Anarosa her 2d Birthday

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

And here are the pictures of my sweet little baby girl (who’s not so little anymore ) her Second Birthday 🙂 Its all about the cake, the gifts and the toys she’s got 🙂 Enjoy :).

(click on the links in the text to go straight to the folder with the pictures.)


Summer, or is it?

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

So they say its summer but to be honest I did not noticed much of it yet. Its so far the coldest summer in 25 years here, at least that’s what I have read somewhere on a news site. I am a little late with the pics again as usual but we went swimming two weeks ago with Anarosa and she had a great time. She looked so adorable in her new dress that she got from her grandmother from Venezuela. The little sunhat just finished the image of my little girl as a sweet little doll.  So after I was done taking a zillion pictures, (she would’nt stand still and turns her face the wrong direction just when I click of course)we continues our trip to the pool.

We decided to go to the one nearby and it happened to be a very quiet time there. I can’t really explain why but perhaps because it was not that hot and the bad economy might have made people decide to stay home maybe.

She had a great time at the pool and enjoyed the little slide in the kiddie pool. She loved going with us in the deeper pool where the bubbles and the wild river was and she loved dragging us around going from one pool to another. The fries we bought half time was a  great call too although they where very expensive.

So that day was most definitely one to repeat often. Maybe next weekend. We will see what the weather does. Take care ya’ll enjoy your summer.

edit: the pics are dated at 2006 don’t feel like redoing them though they from 2012 let that be clear lol that little one is not 6 years old yet 😛



Anarosa and her Chocolate Letter.

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

For those of you who have no clue what is “Sinterklaas“, just click on the words “Sinterklaas” in this text and it will take you to several other sites that explains what is “Sinterklaas” in English, with pictures and more just so you dont confuse it with Christmas because they are two complete different holidays, altho I am sure there are some connections to be found, the story is quite different. Ofcourse if you look for images on Google you can find a lot more pictures about it in many places and situations. After you have learned what is “Sinterklaas” you should continu to read on here.

Last year we basically skipped Sinterklaas because my youngest daughter was merely a few months old and my oldest was already 11. So instead we had a nice Christmas celebration. This year I wanted to do a little bit about it, not to much because shes barely 1 and a half and what does a child that young know about this stuff anyway. I doubt she understand anything of it. But the tradition that we did picked up here this year was putting the shoe with a carrot for the horse and singing songs just before bedtime. Then in the morning ofcourse there where little gifts to be found in the shoes. Nothing really big, just some candy, because like i said it doesnt really have a meaning to her yet I just wanted to introduce this holiday a little bit to her allready in a manner that its fun and maybe recognisable for her in the next years when we celebrate it. On the last morning she found in her shoe the traditional chocolate letter. I was late with shopping for them because there was only one letter A to be found anymore in the store. So for Antonio I bought the letter P for Papa and then ofcourse for me the M for Mama and the M for Merel, my oldest daughter. I am in doubt wheter she actualy understood what was going on all with the carrots in the shoes n the singing n why there was a package in the shoes, but she did understood what was a chocolate letter when she saw it and she also knew right what to do with it! I took some great pictures of this. And no worries we didnt let her finish that letter, after taking the pictures I took it away from her n cut of a little piece that she could have.

Now on to the next holiday, wonder how Anarosa is going to experience all that and how stressfull for us that is going to be. Last year she wasnt walking or even crawling arround in the house, she wasnt able to reach for the Christmas balls in the tree and prolly didnt even noticed any of the other decorations. Not sure yet how she can be part in the decorating but I’m sure I find a way. I just hope she stays out of the tree LMAO. For now, enjoy the pictures of Anarosa and her Chocolate Letter.


Our Little Popstar

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Yes, its about Anarosa of course, often I sing little lullaby songs to her, mainly dutch ones and sometimes english. She usually rocks along when I sing, actually on any music she hears she would rock from side to side. She recently started to sing a little bit with me when I was singing Slaap kindje slaap. That’s a dutch lullaby. So when she was doing this again I wanted to put it on a video. And I have put it on video that she was singing with me . But right after I quit the video she started to sing alone. So I clicked the camera back on and I have got her first song performed alone on video LOL. Here you go guys.



Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

My daughter, who just turned 1 last juli 27th, loves shoes, and slippers… I always find one of my shoes or slippers on the coffee table after she been playing there, which is everyday. When I sit on the couch my slippers usualy are under the coffee table so she plays with them and they end up on the table… another thing is shoes with shoelaces… I dont know why but shes playing with them… for long times in a row… she can drag our shoes (one at a time) with he to the living room when she has to come with me. She wont let go of the shoe but just takes it so she can continue to play LOL Hahaha Just had to share that!

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