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My sweet loving friend

My sweet loving friend,

I have a lot of words with you to share,
words of love and words of care,
You are not alone, I am here..

But I don’t want you to see signals that I not have send,
I tell you this cause you are my friend,
and I don’t want you to get hurt at the end.

Between us there there can be no thing called romance.
Because I don’t want to loose by any chance,
the friendship we have in advance..

The friendship that allows us to have fun without getting mad,
the friendship that comfort us when one of us is sad,
and to share secrets that you maybe never knew you had.

You are cute and so much fun to be around,
you understand my words without hearing how they sound,
but, I can not give you more than the friend in me that you already found.

Yes its true I love and care for you since the day we meet,
Though this is the closest to you I can get
cause I do not wish you to misunderstand the words I have said.

D.S. June 11th 2001 6:50 PM


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