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She left us


~*~ She left us,  ~*~


The sky is covered with gray and scudding clouds,
which are blowing hard with their invisible mouths,
cold cust of winds right into my face,
Its obvious, summer has left this place.
With elegance and a friendly inner self,
did autumn approached and introduced herself.
She entered her season with composure and forbearance
She transformed the leafs colors into a beautiful appearance.
But, when she saw that we couldn’t appreciate her and her colors of beauty
she lost her calmed and inflamed into a untamable fury.
She grab the trees and shook them until the leafs felt down.
She chased the fallen leafs and colored them brown,
she cried tears of inability and the rain fell down on us.
No longer she showed us her kind and tenderness
Cause now she left us with the days and nights dark and cold.
A new season appeared, chilly destructive and bold.
And its now that we wished that she still was with us here
Now that we are left behind in this invulnerable kingdom called winter.
She is gone she has left us until the next summer gives her back her place.
It’s a long waiting time until she can blow again the wind in our face.


5 October 1999 9:00 PM


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