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Here you will find images, pictures and photoshopped works. The number below the icons for pictures and photoshops will be 0. That’s because there are no pictures directly below these links but sub-folders. So you will find pictures if you go there. But before you do read the following too please. I would like to ask you to have respect for my copyrights and to not simply take my pictures and publish them elsewhere. My photographs are personal and I do not like to see them on a place where I have not posted them or given permission for to be posted. I have posted them solely and only for your viewing pleasure. So please ask before taking them. Yes the chance is there that I say no, but you also have the chance that I say yes.

As far as my photoshopped works and manipulated images. The original authors of these pictures have given me there permission to use the pictures in my works. I have lost a lot of the authors names  because the page where they where originally where posted crashed. This was beyond my control and in the future I will try to locate the original pictures again and post the links where I can to give the proper credit that the original authors deserve. I too want the credit for my work that I deserve. Keep that in mind before taking and publishing my  works without my permission.

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