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Free Money

Yes, you read that right, free money. How to get it? Well, I am sure you are already thinking… oh right… here we go again, having to sign up for stuff and buy stuff etc, etc… no… NO, nothing like that.

Before you read on and waste your time, I like to inform you that most, if not all of the programs are listed here are limited to citizens of Europe and The Netherlands. If there are any listed that are world wide than I will mention that with the link.

Ok, now that you have decided to read on, let me continue. Yes, you will have to register in order to receive your earned savings and yes it is possible that they offer something you can buy to receive more free money. But the main thing and only way that I have been earning cash for free at those sites is by simply reading an email (you can decide to create a special email adress where you receive those emails) and clicking the button to verify that I have read the email or by answering questions they ask me. Its simple… when they ask me if I am interested to receive offers from whatever insurance then I simply answer NO. And that’s it. You will not have to invest anything to earn with these programs.

There are ways with these programs/sites to earn a lot but of course then you will have put some more time in it and possible invest some. Having a website with a lot of visitors is very helpful in this case. By myself, I don’t earn that much with these things, at the most about 100 euros a year. But its free and I’m dutch and whatever is free a dutch person will not walk away from XD. Also note that I do not put a whole lot of time in this. Its only costing me the time that I am willing to put into it. And if I don’t have time for a while then I simply don’t earn for a while and I can continue at any time want to. If you have your friends or family sign up and they start earn money too then you receive a small reward for that also.

I have been registered with the listed sites for several years and every so many months I request a payout. They pay me on directly my dutch bank account. And that’s it. I have always been paid correctly and prompt and never did I paid anything to them or bought anything from them.



Mind you, this site exists already  over 8 years!


You can also click the link below or copy paste it in the adres bar of your web browser.



This one is basically world wide and asks you to fill in surveys.


I have been a member from this one for several years as well at the dutch version. They have never send me any spam only once in a while a survey. Over the years I have requested a couple times a payout and my total that they have paid out to me is now over 125 Euros from this one program alone. Its a reliable program.


If you know of any sites that pay and are world wide or European/Dutch please let me know.

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