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22 weeks and 6 days!

Time seems to go uberfast now and I’m at the point now where I am starting to get anxious about everything being ready for the baby. We have not bought many things yet because we have not moved yet and it makes me nervous. When I see something in sale that I really like I do buy it though, like the playpen blanket that I saw last week. The colors fit amazingly with the colors for the room we have in mind so I bought it, together with an adorable little outfit for our little girl.

I am not really feeling great, though it has ups and downs now, I am back to throwing up sometimes. Also the stomach acid burn is back and on top of that my back starts to hurt a lot and my tummy feels really tight. I feel my baby moving a whole lot and especially the times I am going to rest/sleep, she seems to be having a ball in there…. sighs, our little party girl… thats gonna be something.

Talking about my tummy, I finally have some pictures I took that I will show you guys. I have taken pictures two times now but havent uploaded them yet because there was no comparison.  The first set of pictures is from when I was 17 weeks pregnant, and the second set is from this week, 22 weeks pregnant. Click on the images to view them in bigger size and click on the bigger image again to return here.

17 Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant

As you can see I grew a lot in those weeks, I will likely grow a lot more still but since I am a small person I doubt I will get a huge tummy. We will see… Take care all! I will post again soon with more news.


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