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Back on track

After a month or somewhat of losing track n dealing with burnout I’m now at a point of getting life back on track little by little. My dear beloved came back into my stream which resulted in us getting back together n me fixing my life starting with my sleeping schedule.

Altho the extreme hours I put into streaming were good for my channel revenue, it wasn’t exactly healthy for me. So That’s what I took under my wing first and then little by little the rest that I had been neglecting in the last few weeks.

Me and Ali picked up where we left off when our relationship ended and there is a better understanding now for each other I think. He has been getting his first vaccine for covid so he can come to see me when traveling allows it. I really can’t wait until we finally meet physically. We currently are teaming up as a duo in Apex and I am slowly getting better at the game. My aim and precision are better but also my anxiety and panic are getting fewer which results in a better focus and relaxed match for myself. Only good vibes so far.


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